Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Keeg, can you make this?

You can use a sewing machine! I have the book with the pattern. I bet you can make something better... xxoo <--- That is a challenge to my friend, K. She doesn't have a blog yet (or does she?) so I can't link her. I love listening to the Creative Mom Podcast because it is great homework. As an art major in college, I feel like I should be doing my art and without Creative Mom's nudge or ideas to do something I find weeks, months going by and I make nothing... It's really fun. I think my dear friend would love to listen to episode 45 of CMP! My friend is a quilter and it has great ideas to have stuff around to busy little fingers so you can work on your own stuff!! Oh, really........ Yes, quite!

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Amy said...

That's pretty darned cute, Kritty!