Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tagged... Random 7

I was tagged by Amy who was tagged by Cynthia and so on...

It's my first tag. Here we go, 7 random things about me:
  1. I just got a new pencil sharpener and I'm obsessed with finding and sharpening every pencil in the house.
  2. I teach first grade.
  3. I want to win the lottery and buy a huge house near Mendocino and get some livestock :)
  4. My second child is 'hecho en mexico'.
  5. I love watching documentaries.
  6. I need to buy new sneakers.
  7. My favorite stop in LA is in Santa Monica on Main St. If you park near Ocean Park you can hit PEET's, MoCA, St. Matthew's Thrift + Ritual Adornments.
Now, who to tag?
I tag...... Laura, Amanda, Fred and my friends who need to start blogging: Andrea, Heather, Keegan + Jenny. Susan, you too if you read this. I don't know if anyone will produce a random seven, but in the spirit of bloggy fun, there you go :)


Jessica Chapman said...

Cool random seven and awesome that you teach first grade. How long? I've gotta add your blog to my daily reads! :)

Amy said...

Hey Kritty - I know I emailed you after reading this... but in looking again... is that a manual or electric pencil sharpener that's got you all giddy?