Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Don't you want a DWR Airstream??!!?

Too bad it's $40,000, but it would be SWEET!


splatgirl said...

hey! Thanks for the linkie.

When that DWR catalog showed up the other day, I kind of had to laugh. It's just so Hammacher Schlemmer of them to be offering a $40K Airstream. OTOH, it is cool inside.
I'm sure it falls into the same category as the personal hovercraft or rocket ship or whatever other insane stuff HS comes up with in that A.) there is no way anyone will ever buy that thing, and B.) If I ever actually see one I am totally going to laugh at the person.
But...sigh...I completely covet nearly everything DWR, especially the gigantic lighted pots.

kritty said...

If/when I win the lottery I'm going to get one and instead of laughing at me, come in for crafts and coctails ; )

modmom said...

i got to go inside one last september at the dwell on design conference in san francisco. it is tiny, but cute. the designer, christopher deam, gave a talk about product design + showed this + his breckenridge trailer (like a tiny singlewide mobilehome)