Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tuesday is Tools-day! #1

I love this tool!
delicate awl
I go crazy looking for it whenever it goes missing!
I use it constantly.
It's sold with ceramic/sculpting tools, and I do use it with my Precious Metal Clay (PMC) as yo
u would in ceramics: score clay and use slip to join the pieces, etc.

PMC guild for more info (click)

I use it to put holes in paper to add brads, or stitch books.
I use it to get weird hairs out of my paintings if a bristle comes out of the brush...
It's just a great tool to have around.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Muse Monday #1-Sofi

  1. muse noun [myooz]
    1. A guiding spirit.
    2. A source of inspiration.
    3. the source of an artist's inspiration; "Euterpe was his muse"
Sofi is starting out my Muse Monday,
since she IS my #1 muse!!
#1 child, my one and only daughter

She can charm her brothers into amazing ensembles
the best big sister!

I have made her countless things because she is so fun to design with/for!
She is an amazing poet. I fall deeper in love with her the older she gets.
Simply Sofi, my pookie, my love, my muse!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Craftiness from Netflix!

I just watched a great documentary from Netflix, Craft in America. I think any artist can appreciate this movie, no matter what your medium is. It was a PBS series, so maybe you even caught it on TV... but I especially loved, Garry Knox Bennett. He is an irreverent artist/furniture maker and friend of the family. He has been known to shoot his television set if the football game isn't going his way. He's an icon, a hero...

other great Netflix in my opinion:
Rivers and Tides
andy goldsworthy working with the time

Ansel Adams the American Experience

How to draw a Bunny

If you read this and have an inspiring movie I missed, please comment :)

Friday, July 27, 2007

More Family Resemblance::

Meet NikNok
NikNok was my husband's doll when he was a little boy. He says he used to bury raisins in his lips and then bugs would attack the doll and then his mom would have to put poor NikNok in a bag in the freezer for a few weeks to get rid of moths etc.! So NikNok has been around! And though some of my friend say NikNok is ugly (ahem) I think he is adorable and there is something about those onyx eyes that remind me of Quinton.

NikNok was made by Q's great grandmother Charlotte Zurek-Schenck. She was an artist and illustrated a number of children's books in Germany. I'm sad she can meet my children because they look so much like some of her characters:
I know she would have loved them.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What to do Wednesday #1KIDPIX

Did you know that you can have fun with digital pictures in your library with KidPix?
((If you don't have KidPix, get it))
  • Put your mouse near the top menu bar and 'Import' will be one of your choices
  • Select your photo from 'iPhoto' or your 'My Pictures' library
  • It will automatically appear in the KidPix window
  • Then let your little one get to work!

This is also a great way to make announcements or invitations for little ones that aren't so little anymore :)

  • to export into JPEG go to File (up top on menu bar) and then go to 'Export'

Here's one in 4 easy steps below: (nothing fancy!!)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ideas for this blog...

I've been thinking about what to write/contemplate on this here blog.

For the next few weeks I'm going to try this:
  • Muse Monday- my muses...
  • ToolsDay Tuesday- My favorite tools
  • What to do Wednesday- fun things to try....

I know it is Tuesday and given this format I should list a 'touchstone' today, but I thought of this while out for a walk on Monday!? and as FATE would have it the first person in my memory I wanted to list I haven't seen since I was 5 and has been MIA. I even scanned a photo of her whenever it was I had my scanner out... I think to post my 'ancient history', anyways, she called my mom to say 'hello' last Thursday!! She now lives in GA and I tried calling today, so give me a week.

Monday, July 23, 2007

At Gramma's

Q. put down his mop to share a moment with Chase.
I really think Q. might become a janitor (or are they maintenance engineers?)
He loves: brooms, mops, vaccuums, tools and radios!
kayaker in training

new game: blow meteors out of the back!

singing to the dog :)

It was nice to go somewhere with the kids! My parents were gracious hosts. We showed up unannounced on their doorstep the morning they got back from Hawaii. They were still in their 'vacation bubble' and they made me a pina colada ;). Note to self: 16 month olds and nick-nacks / wine racks don't mix. Q. Only broke one thing, but I was on high-alert! He does listen to the word 'no', so there is hope for him yet.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Can you see it?

Can you see the remblance?
Quinny @ 16 months:

Papa, c.1966
3 yr.
(twice his age)

...he's probably camping! He's a camper from way back and here's the proof.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ancient History (sunflower seeds)

The whole escavation process has brought some ancient history to light...
Long, long ago,
I stumbled upon Sculpey and Fimo when it was new.
My first pieces were cactus with green bugle beads pushed into them. (no pict., sorry)
Stores bought them for $7 a pair and I was SO EXCITED... I think I was 20 years old?
I graduated when I was 21 and then this was my side job making Sculpey jewelry and eventually rings and encrusting them with swarovski crystals
I moved to NYC Memorial Day 1991 to work for a jewelry designer and learn the ropes.

My big break was in the Spring of 1992 when I got the cover of Italian Vogue Pelle.
When I saw that cover (!) I was overwhelmed with happiness and... pride.
Definitely thought: This is my 15 minutes. A friend went to Paris and brought me back a poster of this cover!!! WOW. I was 24 at the time.
The right person saw my jewelry at the right time and asked if I had anything "I'm shooting a cover..." I said, "Yes, of course," and immediately went back to my apt and made more!
I was also in Ladies Home Journal and Self Magazine that year.

I tried breaking into the jewelry biz, but really I was getting carpal tunnel, didn't want anyone else making my stuff, wanted to travel... I left NYC Memorial day 1992, and I began a long road trip and moved a lot!! In hind sight it was so fun! I can't do that now, so I'm glad I did that then. I supported myself (lived on bagels) selling my jewerly. I was on a serious sunflower kick... I did a series of sunflower drawings, paintings, and then I wound up in Berkeley and got a job at a foundry in 1994. It was there I made these sculptures:

I was investigating the idea of seeds + internal potential. Half boat representing: journeys, life's course; earth/leaf representing: mother earth fertility, life giving and beginnings....

Somewhere I have a picture of the seed closed.
In the background you can see a seed hoeing seeds with a baby seed tied on its back
I was also making a series of keys...
Definitely was searching for the key to life...

Got a job helping to teach kids art at Anderson Ranch Art Center in Aspen, CO in '94...
Even made a sunflower seed vs. leaves checkers game while I was there :)
It was then decided to get a teaching credential, hoping to do my art in the summers.
I don't know, my own art has been spotty at best. Sunflower and seed obsession has been dormant for years, but Amy with the best podcast (perfect for creative moms!) had a prompt this week, 'seeds', and so seeds are in the forefront of my mind again.

Reflecting on who I am now, and who I was when I made those, I do miss having access to the foundry, but I don't want to be 24, 25, 26... again. I feel like I'm in the late spring early summer of my life right now. I'm like that seed with the baby on it's back... I am sewing good seeds and expecting a healthy harvest of love, life and goodness for years to come.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Exhibit A

paw print

Wish I could get a good picture of where the bear was licking the car!
Ew, but it's my favorite bit of evidence. ;)
There are a TON of scratch marks and he ripped up the passenger seat.

They are HOME. The bear broke a window ate a whole bottle of catsup and a container of couscous. I think my husband kinda liked his bear encounter. It's making for great tales...
"The second night we left sausages in out car, but no bear." "If the bear woulda just been nice, I would've given him some of our chicken..." Just glad they are home so I can rest well tonight. They are making fun of me for worrying, but I don't care! It was a bear!

Bears won't eat you...

gruel, moleskine + latte, what a way to start the day...

Still awaiting a word from my boys in bear country. I called the ranger last night and he told me, "Maam, I wouldn't worry about all that. Bears only want food, never heard of them eating a gas tank and they don't want to attack people. Don't worry. I'm sure your husband will be extra careful." 'Don't worry, maam.' has been my mantra.

I was finally reading the Monday LA Times {health section} and it says people who take vacations are healthier. I need to get out of town soon! '...vacations seem to do your heart good. The more often you take them, the less likely you are to have a heart attack.'

Still house-bound. Q. has a slight fever, but he is holding things down (+in). Once the fever goes I will trust he's over it... In the mean time he's drinking water from oatmeal and water from rice I mixed together. He actually likes it?! Looks like horchata... He's really talking now! He says "ouuu sie"! This is good and bad. Now when he can't go outside, he knows that I know that he wants to go and he's knows I'm not letting him and he shoots me looks with those big saucer eyes of his. He also wants "aaasauce" all the time. It's all a good sign.
he looks better to me :)

I taught my daughter embroidery yesterday and today we have to find the iron so she can do a dog pattern from Sublime Stitching. She gets 'bored' a lot so while excavating I found 10 zilliion craft options for her as well. She's dying to dip candles... I got to get a sitter for that one though.

My garage is looking good! I got a little done... Zine sketches, new jewelry, and I cut out the last of the squares I need for this patchwork pillow I want to make.
Found tees and sweater I made for my 18mo old niece LAST YEAR in my garage. I think it will fit her now. I mailed her this yesterday... threw in the iron so she can help her mama ;)

Update: They called and they're 'burning dino-diesel' now (he thought the smell of bio diesel might be tempting the bears) and they're going to try to catch one more fish and then drive home slowly because there's no window! Yay, just get home!

Reading about the state of our birds :(

Monday, July 16, 2007

the FatBoy is here!

the FatBoy is here!, originally uploaded by kritty.

I saw this fatboy on Splat Girl's blog... and when she said $89.oo plus free shipping, I had to get one.
It is huge!! It's a little too big for the room, but who cares. It has been embraced by all and it looks easy to clean. (bonus)

Today was an awesome mail day:
Rymann's Zine
You'll have a blast! Plug Mt. Tiki-Soki in to any standard garden hose and dual jets create a constant spray of water for staying cool! But watch out...when this water volcano wakes up, he erupts with a drenching spray of water and soaks everyone in sight!

My baby is trying to skateboard on a tiny skateboard we got @ Build-a-Bear. Guess it's good for teddy bears or babies. I think he's getting better.

Ready, set... don't go.

I was power-packing to go camp in the Sierras (Seeeirrrr-ahhhhhhs) and get out of this urban jungle, but my little guy is sick. He can't hold down liquids?! So camping is out and I slowly unpacked. I was looking forward to a little dose of nothingness and nature with the family... hopefully soon. :( Hopefully naps will allow for some crafts and painting at least. The only silver lining is I'm home to see why we can't park on our street today? Maybe they are shooting a movie? I've always wanted to get hush money, so if they set up I'm going to get out the power washer and make as much noise as possible.

Update: Nothing is going on today on my street, unless you count street cleaning. 2 out of 5 of us went camping and I'm not one of the 2... so I watched the loaded vehicle pull out, I started filling out forms, paying bills, feeling sorry for myself AND THEN THE MAIL CAME!!!! I got a Zine from Rymann!! It is so cool! So simply perfect. I love the drawings, the paper, the lines, the simplicity. Yeah, I love it!! It made my day!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Pretty Bird!

Pretty Bird!, originally uploaded by kritty.

A little creative fun during nap time sure can make up for a bad day. The day started with my baby gagging and barfing all over my down comforter and bedding.... it couldn't get any worse.

I predict more birdies in my furture. I haven't painted really since 2002 and that time I was stuck on chickens. I don't really like birds as pets, but they are fun to paint.

My man comes home in 1 hour!! Yay!

1 day later: I think I copied Gina Triplett a little... I didn't mean to... It will become my own....

Friday, July 13, 2007

Maybe tomorrow

Nothing about today went as I planned. Even right now @ 9:45pm I'm waiting for things to settle down so I can sneak into my studio. Maybe that isn't going to happen either. Ahhh! My daughter just woke up my little one... brb... That took 2 tries. I settled him back down and then she tries to turn on a broken fan. "Mom, it doesn't work..." "Waaaa" -sigh- We need a bigger house. 890 sq ft+ 2 bedrooms + 3 kids = not cutting it. But we're not selling or buying another house- this I know.

This morning I had my babysitter come, she came a little late, that's okay. Then I ran errands, goodwill, washed the car, drove the long way to take my daughter to camp and I was right on time? No, I was 90 minutes late and the bus had just left!? They started early and went on a fieldtrip to the beach... She only cried a little. :( (((Stab in the heart)))

There was still time to salvage the day for both of us. I let her pick a little chocolate when I was grocery shopping. That's always nice. Milk Chocolate Ritter Sport goodness helped. Then unfortunately I had a meeting with a financial planner (how fun is that for a 9 year old?) so I called and asked the lady to meet us at Panera, my daughter's favorite place, instead of Starbucks. She made thank you cards and I made ATCs while we waited. All good!!

I looked at our.... financial situation. Deep breath. Glad I did it. She was very nice, realistic, helpful..... The lady asks me as we are walking to our cars, 'Why do I work?' 'Why do I want someone else raising my kids?' (((stab in my heart! #2))) Basically, after child care... oh, you know... (more Deep Breaths)

We go to the beach!!!!!! That was the best hour all day! Just my daughter and me. I listened to a little CMP too :) She proclaimed herself "Gull Eliminator Incorporated" and she kept our area free of gulls. (FYI- gulls are gulls, there is no such thing as sea gulls, so the G.E.I. says.)

Then, my husband calls several times from Cancun where he was filming a commercial. He says he has to stay and do another shot on Wednesday. He gets annoyed with me when I suggest he work on his gnarly base tan and read a book... He wants us to come down. I looked into it and geez?! It was expensive and then I read up on it and our kids don't have passports, so there goes that. I call t-mobile and see how much per/min these phone calls are. I'm still deliberating arranging care and going SOLO and then he calls (3 hours after this whole idea begins) and they couldn't get insurance (?) so he's coming home tomorrow night. Okay. (Breathe Deeply)

My little dude wakes up from nap #2 and I pull off his leather booties and his feet are BLUE! I give him a bath and they are still dark blue! He's been wearing these shoes for 6 months?! They got wet... and his feet are indigo blue.

My childfree day was foiled. Not much studio time for me. I'm afraid to go down the hall and go out now for fear of more "Waaaaaa"-- the little dude is getting some big molars.

There was more I could vent about. Little minutia here and there, but I won't! If you read this I'm sure you've heard enough. I need to forge on and hope he cuts the molars and I win the lottery! :)

Gull E. Inc

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gotta clean up my act

Gotta clean up my act, originally uploaded by kritty.

I think maybe I'll make something if I can see my desk! I spent an hour out there, but I have a long way to go but there's always tomorrow.