Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ancient History (sunflower seeds)

The whole escavation process has brought some ancient history to light...
Long, long ago,
I stumbled upon Sculpey and Fimo when it was new.
My first pieces were cactus with green bugle beads pushed into them. (no pict., sorry)
Stores bought them for $7 a pair and I was SO EXCITED... I think I was 20 years old?
I graduated when I was 21 and then this was my side job making Sculpey jewelry and eventually rings and encrusting them with swarovski crystals
I moved to NYC Memorial Day 1991 to work for a jewelry designer and learn the ropes.

My big break was in the Spring of 1992 when I got the cover of Italian Vogue Pelle.
When I saw that cover (!) I was overwhelmed with happiness and... pride.
Definitely thought: This is my 15 minutes. A friend went to Paris and brought me back a poster of this cover!!! WOW. I was 24 at the time.
The right person saw my jewelry at the right time and asked if I had anything "I'm shooting a cover..." I said, "Yes, of course," and immediately went back to my apt and made more!
I was also in Ladies Home Journal and Self Magazine that year.

I tried breaking into the jewelry biz, but really I was getting carpal tunnel, didn't want anyone else making my stuff, wanted to travel... I left NYC Memorial day 1992, and I began a long road trip and moved a lot!! In hind sight it was so fun! I can't do that now, so I'm glad I did that then. I supported myself (lived on bagels) selling my jewerly. I was on a serious sunflower kick... I did a series of sunflower drawings, paintings, and then I wound up in Berkeley and got a job at a foundry in 1994. It was there I made these sculptures:

I was investigating the idea of seeds + internal potential. Half boat representing: journeys, life's course; earth/leaf representing: mother earth fertility, life giving and beginnings....

Somewhere I have a picture of the seed closed.
In the background you can see a seed hoeing seeds with a baby seed tied on its back
I was also making a series of keys...
Definitely was searching for the key to life...

Got a job helping to teach kids art at Anderson Ranch Art Center in Aspen, CO in '94...
Even made a sunflower seed vs. leaves checkers game while I was there :)
It was then decided to get a teaching credential, hoping to do my art in the summers.
I don't know, my own art has been spotty at best. Sunflower and seed obsession has been dormant for years, but Amy with the best podcast (perfect for creative moms!) had a prompt this week, 'seeds', and so seeds are in the forefront of my mind again.

Reflecting on who I am now, and who I was when I made those, I do miss having access to the foundry, but I don't want to be 24, 25, 26... again. I feel like I'm in the late spring early summer of my life right now. I'm like that seed with the baby on it's back... I am sewing good seeds and expecting a healthy harvest of love, life and goodness for years to come.

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Amy said...

Wow... what an amazing history, Kritty! But... given that amazing history, how wonderful to suddenly realize you feel like THIS is the late spring/early summer of life. Wonderful!