Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bears won't eat you...

gruel, moleskine + latte, what a way to start the day...

Still awaiting a word from my boys in bear country. I called the ranger last night and he told me, "Maam, I wouldn't worry about all that. Bears only want food, never heard of them eating a gas tank and they don't want to attack people. Don't worry. I'm sure your husband will be extra careful." 'Don't worry, maam.' has been my mantra.

I was finally reading the Monday LA Times {health section} and it says people who take vacations are healthier. I need to get out of town soon! ' seem to do your heart good. The more often you take them, the less likely you are to have a heart attack.'

Still house-bound. Q. has a slight fever, but he is holding things down (+in). Once the fever goes I will trust he's over it... In the mean time he's drinking water from oatmeal and water from rice I mixed together. He actually likes it?! Looks like horchata... He's really talking now! He says "ouuu sie"! This is good and bad. Now when he can't go outside, he knows that I know that he wants to go and he's knows I'm not letting him and he shoots me looks with those big saucer eyes of his. He also wants "aaasauce" all the time. It's all a good sign.
he looks better to me :)

I taught my daughter embroidery yesterday and today we have to find the iron so she can do a dog pattern from Sublime Stitching. She gets 'bored' a lot so while excavating I found 10 zilliion craft options for her as well. She's dying to dip candles... I got to get a sitter for that one though.

My garage is looking good! I got a little done... Zine sketches, new jewelry, and I cut out the last of the squares I need for this patchwork pillow I want to make.
Found tees and sweater I made for my 18mo old niece LAST YEAR in my garage. I think it will fit her now. I mailed her this yesterday... threw in the iron so she can help her mama ;)

Update: They called and they're 'burning dino-diesel' now (he thought the smell of bio diesel might be tempting the bears) and they're going to try to catch one more fish and then drive home slowly because there's no window! Yay, just get home!

Reading about the state of our birds :(


Jenny Hart / Sublime Stitching said...

Please(!) send photos of your daughter's embroidery. So cute!
Sublime Stitching

kritty said...

Will do! :) It's looking good!