Sunday, July 29, 2007

Craftiness from Netflix!

I just watched a great documentary from Netflix, Craft in America. I think any artist can appreciate this movie, no matter what your medium is. It was a PBS series, so maybe you even caught it on TV... but I especially loved, Garry Knox Bennett. He is an irreverent artist/furniture maker and friend of the family. He has been known to shoot his television set if the football game isn't going his way. He's an icon, a hero...

other great Netflix in my opinion:
Rivers and Tides
andy goldsworthy working with the time

Ansel Adams the American Experience

How to draw a Bunny

If you read this and have an inspiring movie I missed, please comment :)


Amy said...

Hmmmm. Thanks for the list! I'm interested in checking some of those out. Shoot his television, huh. Wow.

cheryl said...

I love netflix - I had no idea they had this! Have you been listening to Craftcast? You must! go to and check it out.