Monday, July 16, 2007

the FatBoy is here!

the FatBoy is here!, originally uploaded by kritty.

I saw this fatboy on Splat Girl's blog... and when she said $89.oo plus free shipping, I had to get one.
It is huge!! It's a little too big for the room, but who cares. It has been embraced by all and it looks easy to clean. (bonus)

Today was an awesome mail day:
Rymann's Zine
You'll have a blast! Plug Mt. Tiki-Soki in to any standard garden hose and dual jets create a constant spray of water for staying cool! But watch out...when this water volcano wakes up, he erupts with a drenching spray of water and soaks everyone in sight!

My baby is trying to skateboard on a tiny skateboard we got @ Build-a-Bear. Guess it's good for teddy bears or babies. I think he's getting better.

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