Friday, July 13, 2007

Maybe tomorrow

Nothing about today went as I planned. Even right now @ 9:45pm I'm waiting for things to settle down so I can sneak into my studio. Maybe that isn't going to happen either. Ahhh! My daughter just woke up my little one... brb... That took 2 tries. I settled him back down and then she tries to turn on a broken fan. "Mom, it doesn't work..." "Waaaa" -sigh- We need a bigger house. 890 sq ft+ 2 bedrooms + 3 kids = not cutting it. But we're not selling or buying another house- this I know.

This morning I had my babysitter come, she came a little late, that's okay. Then I ran errands, goodwill, washed the car, drove the long way to take my daughter to camp and I was right on time? No, I was 90 minutes late and the bus had just left!? They started early and went on a fieldtrip to the beach... She only cried a little. :( (((Stab in the heart)))

There was still time to salvage the day for both of us. I let her pick a little chocolate when I was grocery shopping. That's always nice. Milk Chocolate Ritter Sport goodness helped. Then unfortunately I had a meeting with a financial planner (how fun is that for a 9 year old?) so I called and asked the lady to meet us at Panera, my daughter's favorite place, instead of Starbucks. She made thank you cards and I made ATCs while we waited. All good!!

I looked at our.... financial situation. Deep breath. Glad I did it. She was very nice, realistic, helpful..... The lady asks me as we are walking to our cars, 'Why do I work?' 'Why do I want someone else raising my kids?' (((stab in my heart! #2))) Basically, after child care... oh, you know... (more Deep Breaths)

We go to the beach!!!!!! That was the best hour all day! Just my daughter and me. I listened to a little CMP too :) She proclaimed herself "Gull Eliminator Incorporated" and she kept our area free of gulls. (FYI- gulls are gulls, there is no such thing as sea gulls, so the G.E.I. says.)

Then, my husband calls several times from Cancun where he was filming a commercial. He says he has to stay and do another shot on Wednesday. He gets annoyed with me when I suggest he work on his gnarly base tan and read a book... He wants us to come down. I looked into it and geez?! It was expensive and then I read up on it and our kids don't have passports, so there goes that. I call t-mobile and see how much per/min these phone calls are. I'm still deliberating arranging care and going SOLO and then he calls (3 hours after this whole idea begins) and they couldn't get insurance (?) so he's coming home tomorrow night. Okay. (Breathe Deeply)

My little dude wakes up from nap #2 and I pull off his leather booties and his feet are BLUE! I give him a bath and they are still dark blue! He's been wearing these shoes for 6 months?! They got wet... and his feet are indigo blue.

My childfree day was foiled. Not much studio time for me. I'm afraid to go down the hall and go out now for fear of more "Waaaaaa"-- the little dude is getting some big molars.

There was more I could vent about. Little minutia here and there, but I won't! If you read this I'm sure you've heard enough. I need to forge on and hope he cuts the molars and I win the lottery! :)

Gull E. Inc

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