Friday, July 27, 2007

More Family Resemblance::

Meet NikNok
NikNok was my husband's doll when he was a little boy. He says he used to bury raisins in his lips and then bugs would attack the doll and then his mom would have to put poor NikNok in a bag in the freezer for a few weeks to get rid of moths etc.! So NikNok has been around! And though some of my friend say NikNok is ugly (ahem) I think he is adorable and there is something about those onyx eyes that remind me of Quinton.

NikNok was made by Q's great grandmother Charlotte Zurek-Schenck. She was an artist and illustrated a number of children's books in Germany. I'm sad she can meet my children because they look so much like some of her characters:
I know she would have loved them.

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cheryl said...

WOW! What an incredible heirloom to have and history - and your baby is SO beautiful - definitely like out of a story!

And your comment about me taking it out on my painting made me LOL.

I think you're right!!!