Monday, July 30, 2007

Muse Monday #1-Sofi

  1. muse noun [myooz]
    1. A guiding spirit.
    2. A source of inspiration.
    3. the source of an artist's inspiration; "Euterpe was his muse"
Sofi is starting out my Muse Monday,
since she IS my #1 muse!!
#1 child, my one and only daughter

She can charm her brothers into amazing ensembles
the best big sister!

I have made her countless things because she is so fun to design with/for!
She is an amazing poet. I fall deeper in love with her the older she gets.
Simply Sofi, my pookie, my love, my muse!


Rachel H. (burb_mama) said...

Oh! This is so sweet! I love it! I love the beach picture. I know what you mean about making things for your daughter - that's got to be my favorite thing to do, too. So cool! :)

Amy said...

Wow. What a beautiful post. I love the flower-in-the-hair ensemble she "coaxed." That's wonderful! Lucky girl; lucky mom.

cheryl said...

she is beautiful! My daughter is definitely my muse as well. Love what you wrote about her. So sweet!

Anonymous said...

i go to the same school that she goes to.