Monday, July 16, 2007

Ready, set... don't go.

I was power-packing to go camp in the Sierras (Seeeirrrr-ahhhhhhs) and get out of this urban jungle, but my little guy is sick. He can't hold down liquids?! So camping is out and I slowly unpacked. I was looking forward to a little dose of nothingness and nature with the family... hopefully soon. :( Hopefully naps will allow for some crafts and painting at least. The only silver lining is I'm home to see why we can't park on our street today? Maybe they are shooting a movie? I've always wanted to get hush money, so if they set up I'm going to get out the power washer and make as much noise as possible.

Update: Nothing is going on today on my street, unless you count street cleaning. 2 out of 5 of us went camping and I'm not one of the 2... so I watched the loaded vehicle pull out, I started filling out forms, paying bills, feeling sorry for myself AND THEN THE MAIL CAME!!!! I got a Zine from Rymann!! It is so cool! So simply perfect. I love the drawings, the paper, the lines, the simplicity. Yeah, I love it!! It made my day!

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