Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tuesday is Tools-day! #1

I love this tool!
delicate awl
I go crazy looking for it whenever it goes missing!
I use it constantly.
It's sold with ceramic/sculpting tools, and I do use it with my Precious Metal Clay (PMC) as yo
u would in ceramics: score clay and use slip to join the pieces, etc.

PMC guild for more info (click)

I use it to put holes in paper to add brads, or stitch books.
I use it to get weird hairs out of my paintings if a bristle comes out of the brush...
It's just a great tool to have around.


Amy said...

Very cool. Isn't it an awl? That's what it looks like. I have to admit I have a few of those... but I don't know that I use them! (Hmmmm. Wonder why I have them?)

Anonymous said...

That little birdie stamp is too cute! What company manufactures it or where can I buy one?