Monday, August 13, 2007

Muse Monday #3~ New Mexico ~~

Can a muse be a place?
Specifically, northern New Mexico.
I'm dying to go back there... I used to live in Arroyo Seco.
I think if I ever went back I'd never leave!!!!!!!!!!!
I love the natural beauty, the people, the altitude, the rio... all of it.
The fact that Georgia O'Keefe also adored it only makes me love it that much more


Rachel H. said...

HAHAHA! Another reason I love you! I was born in New Mexico! Southern NM, though - Las Cruces, and my mom grew up in Carlsbad. I love love love NM - especially northern NM. It is so gorgeous. Santa Fe at Christmas is one of my favorite things! :)

Amy said...

Well... I've never been there... but it would be hard to go against O'Keefe (and Kritty)!