Thursday, August 16, 2007

Post this!

Post this!, originally uploaded by kritty.
If you ever get really, realllllllly bored at a training seminar you might find a stack of Post-its (tm). And then, if you put your post-its in a grid, you might want to make something! If you start making something your neighbors might support you (because they are bored and they're happy you are happy) and they might give you more Post-its. They might also fulfill your special requests, 'black pens', 'pencils'... If you finish one grid after another, the teachers might think you are having too much fun and then they might stand behind you and try to intimidate you to get you to stop. You might not be able to stop because it's just FUN! Then they might complain and get a supervisor to come stand behind you. The supervisor might see you as the less of 2 (or 3) evils and only ask the people with lap-tops to stop what they are doing and pay attention. If you finish all your post-its you still might not be able to stop and you might have to go to Office Depot for more in assorted colors ASAP.

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Amy said...

These are great - and this story is just tooooo funny for me. That they stood behind you ... and the a supervisor... and yet you continued, in your post-it-notes craze... with help from neighboring rebels... it's all just too darned funny, K.