Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007 Hello 2008

This year is coming to a close.
A good year, busy, productive...
but I'm ready to bid adieu.

Some goals for the future:
  • get more organized
  • balance work and play better
  • revamp the website
  • paint
  • make a new line of jewels
  • take a class at OTIS :)
  • finish my 12 units at UCLA first
  • get this bloody CTEL, LAUSD, requirement met someway or another.

...but in the mean time with the rest of 2007... preparations for a small get together. We are going to celebrate the New Year on EST and ring it in with NYC and then go to bed. Starting the year well rested sounds perfect! I want to finish a scarf I have been making for my mom whose birthday was Nov. 3rd!? and start the New Year ready to make new projects! This year Q. will turn 2 and I hope that means he will start learning how to be less of a menace, but this remains to be seen. I think he just pulled his brother's drink off of the counter as I am writing this... now I hear him hitting the cup on the floor. Enamelware has a distinct sound. Sigh.

2 0 0 8

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Days of yore

Days of yore, originally uploaded by kritty.

I feel like I should get sewing and make us all matching outfits for our christmas picture next year. I vaguely remember this. Those were the days. Can you find me? Oye... this is c. 1977. I can't even imagine trying to pull something like this off. You go mom!

I think I continued to use the apron for pretending to be Holly Hobby with my neighbor... she even had bonnets!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

merry christmas

merry christmas, originally uploaded by kritty.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Inspiration:: NO! sharpies, YES cookies

The ups and downs... While I was putting things away in the kitchen after a nice yoga class, (my neighbor's husband watched all 3 kids) Q got inspired... NO!

The funny (or not so funny) thing is, I found him with my purse and took the pens away from him... but one little sharpie rolled under the couch. Of course he found it. This little boy can sniff out trouble (fun) a mile away!

nice canvas
I just oxy-cleaned this slip cover!
I'm tempted to let the older ones finish the job, and color the whole darn thing, cuz this isn't coming out! I'd let the original artist continue his fine work, but I don't want to send mixed messages.

Some more civilized children were inspired to bake. Yes! Poppin's cookies inspired these:

"ice box sugar cookies" from the joy of cooking with vanilla icing and candy canes.

Busy as an elf...

Oh my. I love making jewelry. I do. This year I was too busy at the end. It's always like this, but this year my husband is/was out of town the busiest shopping weekend of the season. I was so crazed, but I did get all but two things shipped. Everything for my business was stamped and addressed and packed. (correctly) But then there was a pile of certain Christmas cards... some ready to go and some needing addresses/zip codes and cards. Well, I mailed every last thing! Some people are getting unsealed, empty envelopes from us. So glad I put a return address. This is a first. I now see the beauty in a lot of things! It is okay to mail your cards out right after Thanksgiving because then you have TIME! Shopping in July? Do it! I haven't bought anything. Well, one book. I'm in trouble.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

2 good things

tinsel tree, originally uploaded by PuchiCollective.

Also, Burb Mama turned me onto,
Bella Dia who mentioned
this little tinsel tree tutorial (and others)
from Puchi Collective


My new wallpaper:
Look on the right side.
She has lots of inspiring ideas!!
How about orange? :) I love orange.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I'm a cool pick!

Cool Mom Picks Holiday Guide

They picked
thank you!!


"Calling all word freaks who happen to dig cool jewelry: We've just found a loquacious charmer which speaks volumes about your percipience. A piece more rare than kunzites and zeugmas that won't cost qintars and zolaties. It's a Scrabble charm that doubles as a smart take on a baby initial necklace. Pizazzy!

The clever wordsmith-slash-silversmith behind the designs is Los Angeles artist and talented mom of three, Kritty Zurek (whose own name is 31 Scrabble points). After studying metal-smithing in college, and having, oh just a tad bit of professional success (like jewelry designs featured in Vogue), Kritty started designing gifts for close friends. And then these friends then wanted to give them to their friends, and so on and so on. It just kept growing like a triple word score.

Which brings us to you--just pick your favorite letter of the alphabet, think of what you'd like to be inscribed on the back, and score. This is one case where even if you don't use a Q or a Z you still come out ahead.. -Laura" 12-5-07