Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lucky Arrowheads

YAY!  Last week I made an order for an actor to give as a cast and crew gifts! This order came by chance, and I didn't have much notice or support at home with the papa working, but I took it on and cranked them out in the evenings.  I'm beginning to love the arrowheads!  After making so many, how could they not grow on you.
I worked with the actor based on what he could tell me about his characters in the upcoming film, Rango. I really had a good time designing these and we were both happy with how it all came out. :) He even said how many people thanked him and loved it... hopefully means they'll shop someday down the line. (and hopefully I'll catch one or two of the recipients wearing these in a magazine of tabloid... keep your eyes peeled!)

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